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SpApp helps Build Large Enterprise Solutions.
"We are a Software Technology Company, with more than 15 years experience in Software Development.
We had invented an Enterprise AppMaker, called SpApp.
We use our SpApp product, to help our customers achieve their goals in ERP systems, with much reduced costs and timeframes.

Enterprise Solutions

SpApp helps Build Large Enterprise Solutions. Some of the Solutions available are:
1) GoodHealth - Hospital Management System.
2) StayCool - Hotel Management System
3) KwikLab - Laboratory/Diagnostics Management System.
4) PMS - Project Management System.
5) KwikPay -Solution for Payroll calculations and HR management.


Sysnet has a brilliant team of Technology professionals, aided by a few staff.
We are a small team of professionals, with a dedicated approach to making our Company well-renowned in IT Applications space.
Sysnet has a good mix of Software Managers, Leads, Analysts, Developers and Marketing / Support Professionals.

Shrink-Wrapped Products

Shrink-Wrapped Kwik Products are made available, at several locations in your City.These products are ideally suited for SMB entities, with Self-Learning Aids.
1) KwikPayLite - A Payroll Software.
2) KwikBizLite - A Micro-ERP Software Product.
3) KwikUpgrade - Go Multi-User Now.